Cloud Services offer a host of productivity and efficiency solutions that can significantly reduce cost and simplify IT management.

At iTaz, we offer a suite of Professional Services that can guide you in fulfilling your company’s cloud objectives and selecting the right cloud platform. Our Cloud Security and Backup further ensure your business processes stay operational and are optimised.

Professional Services
Helping companies fulfill cloud objectives with advice, guidance, design, planning and cloud selection
Cloud Platforms
Proposing the right solution and assisting decision-making to make moving to the cloud a seamless experience.
Cloud Security & Backup
Ensuring your business is operational and optimized, thus reducing risk and delivering peace of mind.

Total cost control

iTaz’s portfolio of cloud services gives businesses total cost control through predictable, yet flexible, OpEx based, pay-as-you-go pricing models. Companies thus buy only the resources needed, keeping expenditure highly efficient while having access to scalability on demand.

Smarter & More Flexible Working

With iTaz’s cloud services, companies enjoy smarter and more flexible working – made possible with access to service and data anywhere, any time.

We ensure Reliability through our guarantee of 99.9% uptime, and our use of Tier 3-4 ISO27001 accredited and PCI-DSS compliant Data Centres, which include top-of-the-range security and business continuity plans.


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