Data breach, whether through malicious attacks or natural disasters, can pose serious security threats to your business and customers, which can in turn adversely impact on your business integrity and reputation.

At iTaz, our security services help identify areas of vulnerability and assess levels of compliance and risk, so as to provide the most effective security solutions, to keep your business information safe from data breach and security threats.

Security Services

Vulnerability & Penetration Testing
Simulates attacks on application, networks or platforms to identify possible areas of data breach, leaks and hacks
Cyber Essentials Readiness
Assesses level of compliance, technical risk and vulnerability

Securing Your Technology Assets The Sustainable Way

At iTaz, we place great importance on planning, designing and implementing a sound security policy that is sustainable over the long run. Just as no one-size-fits-all, we do not simply offer off-the-shelf recommendations or use fear tactics to drive our recommendations.

Instead, we go the extra mile in understanding our clients’ business, processes and what they wish to achieve. We partner them in analysing their current status, detecting vulnerable areas, identifying the most appropriate action plan, and most importantly, assessing the risk-cost balance of any security recommendation.

As a result, our clients have come to appreciate our well thought out yet common sense recommendation, which allows them to be as secure as they can afford, yet gives them a clear roadmap of the actions recommended.

Need A Security Health Check?

Use this checklist to help you decide –

  • Is your business carrying sensitive information?
  • Is your company bound by the Privacy Act?
  • Will a security breach impact on your company and customers?
  • Will a malicious attack affect your business operations?
  • Are you wondering if your security coverage is sufficient to protect your technology assets?

We can help if you answered yes to any of the above questions.

Our Security Preventives

At iTaz, we have a suite of preventive measures that can identify and significantly reduce the possibility of –

  • Security breach and the associated loss of IP and data
  • Malicious attacks and the associated damage to business
  • Downtime and loss in productivity
  • Operational disruptions and loss in earnings
  • Regulatory penalties


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