Working and maintaining relationships with multiple suppliers require substantial technical expertise, as well as resources.

But with outsourcing of Service Integration and Management to iTtaz, a single relationship is all your company needs for instant access to suppliers, resources and usage.


With cloud services and other advanced technologies playing a key role in business operations today, working with multiple vendors has become a necessity for companies of any size.

While this affords access to the best-in-class technologies, managing multiple relationships, processes and applications can be a challenge for company executives whose responsibilities may include other tasks and whose main focus may be in other areas.

Our experience

The challenges of managing multiple vendors are efficiently managed with a structure of governance, management, integration, assurance and co-ordination.

At Itaz, we draw on our vast experience working with multiple suppliers. We utilise our keen knowledge in managing large, end-to-end, multi-vendor services to ensure all suppliers work seamlessly together to deliver maximum value.

Our approach

First, we outline your service requirements, then develop business cases and assist in supplier selection.
Next, we manage transition of responsibility, and develop a Service Catalogue to ensure all your procurement objectives are met and documented.
Working with the suppliers on board, we manage service levels and relationships, ensuring that service excellence and value for money are continually achieved.
Depending on needs, we guide the evolution of your supplier relationships, and ensure services meet quality benchmarks consistently.

Simplifying Supplier Management

We believe streamlining supplier relationships ensures your company experience minimal service outages, extended fulfillment times, minimum unnecessary costs and keen focus on strategic direction.

Our Service Management Office manages end-to-end a critical set of ITIL processes of your suppliers to make sure they deliver to your expectations. We carry out regular monitoring to ensure they continually evolve to meet business requirements.


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